The Sammarinese Armed Forces refers to the national military defence forces of the country of San Marino. It is one of the smallest military forces in the world

There is also a military Gendarmerie which is part of the military forces of the republic. The entire military corps of San Marino depends upon the co-operation of full-time forces and their retained (volunteer) colleagues, known as the Corpi Militari Volontari, or Voluntary Military Force. National defence in the face of aggressive world power is, by arrangement, the responsibility of Italy's armed forces.

The component parts of the military (other than the purely historical Crossbow Corps) are distinguished (as in many nations) by distinctive cap badges, one each for the Fortress Guard (uniformed), Fortress Guard (artillery), Guard of the Council, Uniformed Militia, Military Ensemble (band), and Gendarmerie. There is no compulsory service, however, under special circumstances, citizens aged 16 to 55 may be drafted for the defence of the state.

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