The song "Delirious" wasn't on "Purple Rain", the 1984 and sixth studio album by Prince. "Delirious" was composed and recorded by Prince for his 1982 and fifth studio album "1999". The song was the third single from "1999"; it was Prince's second Top 10 hit, reaching No. 8 in the US during the fall of 1983. The success of the single was boosted by the runaway success of the previous single, "Little Red Corvette". DJs enjoyed playing the first three album tracks in sequence; it just happened to be the order in which the singles were released from the album.

Musical composition experts like to point out that "Delirious" is a standard 8-bar blues number that tells how Prince is being driven crazy by a beautiful woman. The song teases the listener with hidden sexual metaphors. The track begins with a trademark Linn drum machine loop and a bit of synth bass before the keyboard hook introduces the song. A rubbery bass guitar gives the track a rockabilly feel, which Prince had previously used on the song "Jack U Off" in his fourth studio album "Controversy" (1981). The "Delirious" track is one that ends suddenly with the sound effect of a baby cooing.

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