"Magpie" was first broadcast on British commercial TV in July 1968, a decade after the BBC's popular children's magazine show "Blue Peter". The title was based on the supposed reputation of the bird for picking up bits and pieces of everything, and also a play on words for "mag" as short for "magazine". It aired on the first day of Thames Television's history; though it soon went national.

The "Magpie" analogy was taken seriously, with an upbeat version of the folksong "One for Sorrow, Two for Joy" used as its theme tune, and with a magpie mascot known as Murgatroyd.

Though in some ways it followed the formula of "Blue Peter", it was intentionally more up to date and aimed to be relevant to life in the 70s, and there was a distinct lack of sticky back plastic and safaris with members of the Royal Family. Like "Blue Peter" it held a Christmas charity collection, but asked for money, rather than stamps, newspapers, or the like.

In common with "Blue Peter" it adopted a locomotive, which is still running on a heritage line, though, sadly, the fate of the programme's boat is unknown.

The programme was broadcast on mainstream TV for the last time in 1980. Its most famous presenters were probably Susan Stranks and Tony Bastable.

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