'Bohemian Rhapsody' is a song by the English rock band Queen. It was written by Freddie Mercury and released on their 1975 album 'A Night at the Opera'. In the same year, it topped the UK Singles Chart, staying there for nine weeks. After Mercury's death in 1991, it topped the charts for another five weeks, becoming the UK's third best-selling single of all time. As of 2021, it is the only single to be the UK Christmas number one twice by the same artist.

Initially, 'Bohemian Rhapsody' received mixed criticism before going on to become Queen's most popular song. In 2018, the song title was used as the title of the biographical musical film that told the story of Freddie Mercury and his life with the band. The release of the film saw the song back in the UK charts, although it did not reach number one.

Mercury refused to reveal what the lyrics of the song meant and the remaining band members continue to keep this secret. Many theories and interpretations have been made by critics and fans, with some arguing that it represented Mercury's personal struggles and others suggesting the lyrics were only written to fit with the music.

The song is unusual in that it contains no chorus and incorporates several genres of music, including ballad, opera, hard rock and instrumental. It begins with a five-part harmony 'a cappella' before a grand piano enters 20 seconds into the song. Guitars, bass and drums also feature at the appropriate moment.

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