The popular song by the Supremses which was a call for peace was 'Stoned Love'. This song was a plea for love and peace similar to the songs recorded by other famed music artists of the late 1960s, The lyrics of 'Stoned Love' by the Supremes were a plea for the people of the world to end conflict and animosity between each other. At the time, the Vietnam War was a very specific reason why 'Stoned Love' had great public appeal.

With the song 'Stoned Love' being the first post-Diana Ross release, The Supremes proved they were still a relevant act. With Jean Terrell singing lead, the ladies returned to being a full act. Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong were able to go back to being really true best back-up singers. They were in their best form ever. The diva, in the eyes of some music critics, was gone. The Supremes with 'Stoned Love' had a huge hit on their hands. The song as a single starts out slow and then spins into a driving, dramatic call for love and peace. The vocals and orchestration have often been called top notch. The three voices of Terrell, Wilson, and Bridsong complemented each other perfectly. Their song was deservedly a big hit for the 1970s.

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