'Hollywood North' is a colloquialism used to describe film production industries and/or film locations north of its namesake, Hollywood, California. The term has been applied principally to the film industry in Canada, specifically Toronto and Vancouver.

The level of Canadian production has increased since the ratification of the Canada–United States Free Trade Agreement in 1988. Ontario ranks as the largest film and television production centre in Canada, and third overall in North America behind California and New York.

A decline in BC's domestic production and an increase of $300 million or 31% over the previous year, allowed Ontario to surpass British Columbia for the largest production centre in Canada. The province in Ontario recorded $1.26 billion in production activity in 2011, its largest year ever. By 2017, Toronto itself grew to $2 billion.

Toronto ranks second as an exporter of television programming in North America and behind only Los Angeles and New York City among North American cities in total industry production, $903.5 million were spent by production companies on 209 major production film and television projects in 2010 in Toronto.

In 2011, the film industry contributed $1.13 billion on location film and television projects. A 47% increase in Hollywood productions was mostly attributed to this tax credit among others (2011-2010).

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