Audie Murphy is often remembered as the "most decorated soldier of WWII"; yet Holland, MI, hometown of Matt Urban, is quick to claim that when Urban received a belated Medal of Honor from President Carter he became the most decorated soldier of WWII.

Besides any claim, in terms of sheer numbers, Audie Murphy had 29 combat awards and unit citations, Matt Urban had 28. Also, Audie Murphy received the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC), second only to the Medal of Honor (MOH), Matt Urban did not. Both men received two Silver Stars and the Legion of Merit. Matt received 3 Bronze Stars to Murphy's 2, and 7 Purple Hearts to Murphy's 3. So, Matt Urban in terms of sheer numbers, exceeded Murphy's count of these awards by 4 Purple Hearts and 1 Bronze Star. But, Audie Murphy has the right to lay claim to all four of the Army's top awards for valor, Matt Urban to only 3 of those four.

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