On 27 October 2019, general elections were held to elect the president of Argentina, members of the national congress and the governors of provinces. Alberto Fernández won the presidency with 48.4% of total votes and incumbent president Mauricio Macri lost his re-election having 40.4% This difference was enough to make ballotage unnecessary. Alberto Fernandez belongs to the Justicialist Party while Macri created the centre-right Republican Proposal party in 2005. About 80.86% percent of registered voters went to the polls.

Uruguay elected the president, members of the Senate and House of Representatives on the same date. Nominees Daniel Martinez (39.17% votes) and Alberto Lacalle (28.59% votes) had to run on November 23th in the second round as ballotage system requires a second round if no candidate reaches 50%. Daniel Martinez belongs to Frente Amplio (center-left to left-wing coalition), while Luis Lacalle belongs to Partido Nacional (a traditional party founded in 1836). Lacalle became president with 50.98% of votes while Martínez had 49.02%.

Results in the parliamentary election regarding these parties were: FA won 13 seats in the Senate and 45 in the House of Representives, while Partido Nacional has 10 and 31 seats. The other runnning parties voted as follows: Partido Colorado (traditional party since 1836) has 4 seats in Senate and 13 in the House of Representives, Cabildo Abierto (right wing party founded in March, 2019) has 3 and 1 seats.

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