Francesco "Frank" Lentini (1889-1966) was an Italian-American sideshow performer who toured with numerous circuses from the UK to the US. He was born with a parasitic twin, thus had three legs, sixteen fingers, four feet, and two sets of genitals. Disgraced initially, his parents let an aunt raise him. By age 5 he was playing with other children and was able to straighten his third leg, but not walk.

By the time he was six, Lentini's normal legs were slightly different in length. One was 39 inches and the other 38 inches. The third leg was only 36 inches and the foot on it was clubbed. When he was eight, a man who ran a traveling puppet show, brought him and his family to the US. In his youth, Lentini used his third leg to kick a football across the stage. His show name was the 'Three-Legged Football Player'.

Lentini's career as a sideshow performer became renowned for over 40 years. As an adult, his primary legs were also two different lengths while his extra leg was several inches shorter. Lentini's photo is featured on the back cover of rock band 'Alice in Chains' self-titled 1995 album. He is related to strongman/filmmaker Christopher Annino. Actor Jonathan Redavid portrayed Lentini in the 2017 musical film, 'The Greatest Showman'.

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