"Wannabe" is the debut single by English girl group the Spice Girls. Written and composed by the group members in collaboration with Matt Rowe and Richard "Biff" Stannard during the group's first professional song writing session, it was produced by Rowe and Stannard for the group's debut album, "Spice", released in November 1996.

Responding to the wave of public interest in the group, Virgin released the song as the group's debut single in the United Kingdom in July 1996, well ahead of the planned release date of the "Spice" album. "Wannabe" topped the UK Singles Chart for seven weeks and has received a double Platinum certification by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

The song was released in the United States in January 1997, topping the 'Billboard' Hot 100 for four weeks. It was the group's only number-one single in that country. By the end of 1996, "Wannabe" had topped the charts in 22 nations, and by March 1997 this number had climbed to 37. "Wannabe" became the best-selling single by a girl group in the world, with 1,385,211 copies sold in United Kingdom (by 2017) and 2,910,000 in the United States (by 2014), and over 7 million copies worldwide by the end of 1997.

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