Harriet Ruth Harman QC (born 30 July 1950) is a British solicitor and politician serving as a Member of Parliament (MP) since 1982, first for Peckham and then its successor constituency of Camberwell and Peckham since 1997. A member of the Labour Party, she has served in various Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet positions. In her role as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, she served as Acting Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition twice: from May to September 2010 and from May to September 2015.

Following the resignation of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party on 11 May 2010, Harman automatically became the temporary leader of the party as well as the Leader of the Opposition, entitling her to the salary and government car that come with the role. Although she was informally described in the media as 'Acting' Leader, she was fully Leader by the terms of the party's constitution, albeit on a temporary basis.

Following the 2015 general election and Ed Miliband's resignation, Harman again became acting leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition after announcing that she would stand down from this role once a Labour leadership election had taken place.

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