The duo was named after two real people. While going to college, creator Mike Judge lived next door to a destructive, unsupervised 12 year-old who called himself "Iron Butt", as he claimed to feel no pain after challenging others to kick him hard in the rear. One of this boy's friends was nicknamed "Butt-head" by Mike Judge and his classmates. There was another boy who lived a few blocks away named Bobby Beavis, though Judge says that he was absolutely nothing like the character aside from his laugh.

Beavis's laugh was inspired by that of a "nerdy straight-A student" Mike Judge knew from school. The student would sit in the front of class and laugh with a grunt while biting his lip.

It is interesting to note that his works inspired a lot of later cartoon creators including Cartoon Network series like The Regular Show. Can you name other cartoons inspired by Beavis and Butthead?

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