Dorothy Dandridge (November 9,1922- September 8,1965) was an American actress, who appeared in a great number of wonderful films and plays. She also was a fine dancer and singer. Dorothy is best known as the first black actress to be nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Carmen Jones, a 1954 film.

In 1959, Dorothy was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Dorothy was married twice and had a daughter. She died at the age of 42 under some strange and mysterious circumstances.

Dorothy's experience inspired a lot of black women. In 1999 Dorothy became the subject of the biographical film, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. Halle Berry was the one to bring Dorothy's life into light. Berry, following Dorothy's footsteps, later became the first black woman to receive an Oscar. Dandridge's name was the first in the list of black actresses mentioned by Halle in her speech.

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