In the 1981 film "Modern Problems", air traffic controller Max Fielder (Chevy Chase) has a life which is very stressful. He is a guy who feels himself constantly on the verge of a breakdown. When his girlfriend, Darcy (Patti D'Arbanville), leaves him, his feeling almost reach the breaking point until a freak accident endows him with telekinetic powers. He immediately puts his new powers to work in order to win Darcy back, sabotaging every new relationship she attempts to create. The plan begins to succeed until the two spend the weekend at a friend's beach house. This is when Max grows mad because of his great power.

The movie "Modern Problems" is a fantasy comedy which was written and directed by Ken Shapiro. The executive producers were Alan Greisman and Michael Shamberg. The full cast includes almost 24 members. Key stars are Chase, D'Arbanville, Mary Kay Place as Lorraine, Brian Doyle-Murray as Brian Stills, Nell Carter as Dorita, and Dabney Coleman as Mark Winslow.

By the end of 1982, the film had grossed $26,154,211.00 (US dollars) on its original budget of $8 million in the North American market. It made its most revenue for a one week period ($9,179,519.00 US dollars), during the December 1981 holiday season time-frame.

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