Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, the 39th U.S. president) was born at the Wise Clinic in Plains, Georgia on October 1, 1924, making him the first U.S. president to be born in a hospital. All previous presidents were born at home.

President Carter, a Democrat, was raised in rural Georgia. He was a peanut farmer, who also served two terms as a Georgia State Senator, from 1963 to 1967, and one as the Governor of Georgia, from 1971 to 1975. He was elected President in 1976, defeating incumbent President Gerald Ford in a relatively close election; the Electoral College margin of 57 votes was the closest at that time since 1916.

Today, it is important to know that although his presidency from 1977 to 1981 received a mixed reception, his peace keeping and humanitarian efforts since he left office has made Jimmy Carter renowned as one of the most successful ex-presidents in American history.

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