Richard III was King from 1483 until his death at Bosworth Field on 22 August 1485 in the last decisive battle in the War of the Roses. He was the last king of the House of York and last of the Plantagenet dynasty. He was the subject of one of Shakespeare's historical tragedies where his is portrayed as a hunch-backed villain. This sinister reputation was more the result of negative propaganda by the Tudors after his death. According to historical sources he was a fair and just ruler.

His remains were recently discovered beneath a modern-day parking in Leicester. Richard III apparently suffered from a severe scoliosis of the spine, which is consistent with Shakespeare's description. In spite of his physical deformity, he was an able warrior who fought bravely at Bosworth. His remains were re-buried in Greyfriars Chuch in 2015.

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