10 adorable fluffy animals will make you smile today

These fabulous creatures know how to work their long hair. From plush cows to shaggy ponies: they are all beyond adorable.

Fur and extremely long hair help most of the animals on this list to stay warm during cold seasons. However, some of these cute creatures were bred to have such long and beautiful hair. Can you guess which animal was bred?

Which animal do you like most? Who is the cutest?

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Your opinion matters
I couldn't see Donald Trump there, is it not fluffy enough? Though I know it's not adorable.
Nov 9, 2016 9:57PM
Kermit Stanton
Oh come on Diamond,why do you liberals have to be so vicious and refuse to see the truth!!
Feb 26, 2020 6:00PM
Beth Gamlanga
pictures not opening.. except for the last one..
Feb 11, 2020 6:23PM
Steve Tingle
Not all the pictures are visible, but they missed out my dog who is a bundle of fluff until he has his quarterly trim, then he's a teddy bear.
Feb 11, 2020 5:36PM
Maria Viegas
All very interesting !
Jul 23, 2019 7:13PM
Brigitte Kurowski-Wilson
I didn.t see all photos but the Pigeon is my favorite
Apr 21, 2019 5:03PM
Ian Swindale
For reasons I cannot understand 5 pictures were deleted by Instagram - I can't believe a photo of a Highland cow could be something that aroused fears of some dreadful deed. I am assuming that one of these photos was of a Highland cow as they are very woolly.
Apr 11, 2019 4:06AM
Janet Wall
Didn't show all the photos
Apr 10, 2019 5:22PM
Robin Kimber
Five of the photos were unavailable for viewing. Wouldn't it be better to arrange approval to show illustrations that had been approved?
Mar 13, 2019 9:21PM
Steve Tingle
My companion is a small black terrier cross with enough hair for a much bigger dog.
Jan 29, 2019 4:52PM
Marjorie Healey
Unusual Animals.
Aug 11, 2018 11:36PM
Mark Nelson
if your into fuzzy.... not
Jun 7, 2018 3:18PM
Charles Graham
Curly pigeon!
May 29, 2018 5:12PM
Barb Horban
Little yellow caterpillar so cute
May 10, 2018 12:58AM
Don Curtis Latimer
The cattle!
May 9, 2018 4:47PM
Cathie Roth Lonnquist
My two favorites are the Guinea Pig and the Chinese Chickens. Most unusual to me were the furry caterpillars and the Curly Pigeon. Every single critter in this menagerie is remarkable and proves the unlimited number of species that are out there on this beautiful creation of God.
Feb 11, 2018 5:13PM

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