Stories and facts about holidays

Do you know everything about your favorite holidays? We’ve collected plenty of interesting facts and stories that will surprise you. They will tell you about traditions and customs of other countries. You’ll learn how different holidays are celebrated around the world.

7 exciting questions that pop up in your head during the holiday season (with answers) 12/25/2020

Have you ever wondered why we have some particular Christmas rituals? For instance, why do we need a tree or why are red and green associated with the big day? You're going to find all the answers in this post. We hope it will boost your Christmas spirit!

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Creative ideas for Christmas trees that are sensational 12/15/2020

In this post, we share photos of creative Christmas tree ideas to add extra spice and flavor to your Christmas decorations. Check them out!

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Hypnotizing beauty of black sand beaches 5/1/2020

Are you dreaming about an unforgettable sea holiday experience? Take a look at these breathtaking pictures of the beaches with black sand and plan your next trip!

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These amazing pictures of bicycles will make you want to take a ride 4/29/2020

Riding a bicycle improves physical health and distracts from bad thoughts. Take a look at these fascinating pictures of bicycles and get inspired.

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Hanoi Train Street - the story of one of the most unusual tourist attraction 4/9/2020

Once known only by local people, today Hanoi Train street is a famous place in Vietnam. What makes it special? Let's take a walk.

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Burning man - the wildest festival in the world 2/27/2020

Every year in the Black Rock Desert (Nevada, USA) a temporary city is built. It is called Black Rock City, the city where the Burning Man Event is held.

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8 most unusual hotels of the world you would dream to stay in 1/23/2020

Do you know where to spend your holidays? Here are the most unusual hotels from all over the world to help you with this decision.

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25 Christmas riddles: prove Christmas is your cup of tea 12/23/2019

Before you know it, Christmas is here. That’s why let’s get ready for this. These 25 Christmas riddles are going to create the holiday atmosphere and boost your brain power.

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There are more Santas in the world than you think 12/12/2019

Do you know that Santa has a different name in practically every country he visits? Let's discover some of these names together!

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5 easy but tasty Halloween treats 10/31/2019

Tasty treats are an integral part of Halloween. Of course, you can buy ready-made snacks, but home-made food is what guests will remember for years to come. Read ahead to learn how to make 5 easy Halloween snacks!

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