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9 quotes that will make you brain sharper 6/27/2018

Everybody knows that books are the source of knowledge and wisdom. Here you’ll find 9 outstanding quotes that will evoke your passion for reading.

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You never knew these famous characters were based on real people 6/8/2018

Not all film characters are the result of authors’ imagination. Actually, many of them, including cartoon and book characters, have real counterparts!

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15 forgotten English words we can still use today 3/5/2018

Every language changes with time. So does English, and you can't imagine how many beautiful words with exact and witty meanings got lost. Take a look at this list!

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15 powerful quotes by Ray Bradbury, the greatest dreamer of all time 3/4/2018

Ray Bradbury was a talented science fiction writer, who managed to turn the brightest dreams of his childhood into a brilliant writing career. Take a look at this list of beautiful quotes by Bradbury to get inspired.

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Surprising facts about Hemingway you probably didn’t know 12/14/2017

Although during his eventful life he was once reported dead while still alive, his actual death was not what it seemed originally.

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7 little-known facts about Oscar Wilde, an Irish literary legend 11/2/2016

He wrote beautiful prose, satirical plays and broke a lot of social taboos. Here are 7 interesting facts about Oscar Wilde and his remarkable life.

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