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5 rare health conditions that can be considered as superpowers 3/7/2018 • wilson

We used to think (not without reason) that a disease is an unpleasant or even dangerous health condition. However, there are some diseases that can be compared with superpowers, though these powers are not so cool as they might seem.

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10 questions to the pilots you've always wanted to ask 3/6/2018 • George Hovater

When we see a plane getting off the ground, it really looks like a kind of magic.

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Why does our voice sound differently when recorded? 1/25/2018

In this article you will learn why people don't like their own voice while others may find it nice.

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What the Letters “OCD” Really Mean 7/6/2017 • Heather Nicely

OCD doesn’t mean what you think. Let's find out the truth.

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8 weird feelings that you for sure experienced but couldn't explain 6/19/2017

Every day we experience lots of emotions which sometimes can be hardly explained. I have found the names of the most common ones. Read and learn something new!

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Tricks of time - why we perceive it differently 4/6/2017

Have you ever noticed that our perception of time changes? Sometimes 5 minutes can pass briefly or lasts for too long. How is it possible? How does time trick us?

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Nostalgia: what do you know about this feeling? 3/6/2017 • Virginia34

Do you really know what nostalgia is? Discover the most interesting facts in this incredible video!

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10 things only people who have siblings will understand 9/26/2016 • Tanja!!!!

There are some things in life that you can share with no one except your siblings...

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