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7 most believed psychological myths 9/17/2018

Some people think that psychology is nothing more than entertainment. This misbelief causes the distortion of real facts.

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Facts that prove Madagascar is a separate universe 9/10/2018

Madagascar is often called the land of lemurs. They are the most endangered animals on our planet. But lemurs are not the only wonder that can be found on Madagascar.

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10 answers you've always wondered about 9/7/2018

Growing up, we still have a lot of questions about different things we see in our daily life.

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9 true facts that are just beyond belief 8/7/2018

The way our world functions is still a mystery. Even though we can explain almost all processes, many facts are hard to believe.

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6 facts that will help you to surprise friends 7/31/2018

The best way to surprise the person you are talking to is to tell them some rare interesting facts. Besides, it is also a good conversation starter!

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85% of adults will find these 10 kids' riddles surprisingly hard 7/23/2018

It's not a secret that a child's brain is organized differently than that of an adult. Most children can answer these tricky questions without even thinking. Can you also solve all of them?

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9 thought provoking facts that will leave you speechless 7/20/2018

How many spiders do we really swallow a year and what's so royal about octopuses? Find out the answers and some more unexpected facts right now!

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Learn these 10 new words to sound smart in any conversaton 7/13/2018

Why use common and simple words when you can enrich any conversation with beautiful and exotic words? Take a look at this list of must-know words that will make you sound smarter.

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