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Menton lemon festival - 15 days in the fantasy world 2/13/2020

Do you like lemons as much as people in Menton do? Every February this town turns into a fantastic place which fascinates with a whirlpool of colors, music and warm atmosphere: golden fruits parades, gardens of lights and night-time parades win hearts of millions. Take a look at these photos and feel yourself a part of this festival.

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Can you spot these hidden objects? 5/29/2019

Let’s develop our attention right away. Try to find a hidden object within each image in 45 seconds. You’ll find the right answers at the end of the article. Good luck!

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These adorable reptiles will make you smile 10/31/2017

Reptiles can be extremely cute. Here are the nicest photos of these gorgeous animals that will make your day better. Come and see!

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What can your eyes tell? 10/3/2017

It is believed that different features of a human body can tell some things about the owner. We provided a short matching between the color of eyes and the character of a person. Do you believe in it? Check if the matching reflects your situation!

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Language of flowers: facts you haven't heard before 10/1/2017

Can you express yourself with the help of flowers? Here are the clues that may help you do it! Come and see!

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The wonderful influence that different colors have on us 9/20/2017

Our beautiful planet is full of colors. Scientists say that colors surrounding us influence our feelings.Our body reacts on different colors differently. They may influence our mood, appetite and even blood pressure. Let's learn more about the effect of every color!

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Every day we are surrounded by colors, but how much do we know about the effects they have on us? Our users try to answer this question and offer various facts and stories on the topic. Don’t forget that on QuizzClub you can find plenty of free quizzes and tests that can reveal your preferences and true personality.


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