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What is the most badass thing anyone has ever done? 9/16/2018

Be a beauty queen then apply lipstick and manicure your nails before going to battle against the imperial Japanese forces of World War II.

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How were people in the 50’s, 60’s’ and 70’s so skinny? 9/11/2018

People back then ate much less and were more active, and it was less socially acceptable to be fat.

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Facts that prove Madagascar is a separate universe 9/10/2018

Madagascar is often called the land of lemurs. They are the most endangered animals on our planet. But lemurs are not the only wonder that can be found on Madagascar.

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7 places with mysterious and amazing inhabitants 8/12/2018

The places you'll see here are not created by screenwriters. They are real and people who live there got used that they are different from everybody else.

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What are the worst tourist traps in the world? 7/31/2018

The Internet is actually flooded with extravagant details about the places.

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Learn these 10 new words to sound smart in any conversaton 7/13/2018

Why use common and simple words when you can enrich any conversation with beautiful and exotic words? Take a look at this list of must-know words that will make you sound smarter.

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How to hail an unusual taxi in different countries 6/26/2018

If you think taking a taxi is a usual thing in any country you are wrong. Discover surprising peculiarities of taxi services in different countries to save your nerves and money.

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Things you won't believe are still prohibited for women in Saudi Arabia 6/21/2018

Saudi Arabia is a country where women have extremely limited rights. You will be surprised to find about the things that are still prohibited for female citizens of this country.

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8 incredible museums where you won't be bored 6/20/2018

There are things you never thought would be a part of exhibition. However, they are collected in museums and people are eager to see them.

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