Stories and facts about geography

Our world is fascinating. In this section, you’ll find everything about continents, countries. cities, oceans, seas, and mountains. Read the interesting stories and surprising facts below to find new information about the place you live in. You can strengthen your knowledge of geography even more with our free trivia quizzes and tests.

6 amazing countries where you can live better for cheaper 7/25/2021

There are many underrated countries with beautiful views and picturesque cities. Most of them are incredible cheap to live in. Let's learn about 6 such countries.

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Ten mind-blowing landscapes 7/24/2021

Have you ever seen a building and you are just stuck and can't seem to control your breath? I am sure you want to see these spectacular photos!

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10 most beautiful aerial views ever shot 7/19/2021

You are about to see 10 of the most beautiful aerial views ever captured!

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Fascinating facts about the world’s flags 7/16/2021

Here are a few noteworthy facts about flags across the world.

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10 pics showing Australia is the weirdest country EVER! 6/30/2021

Have you long dreamt of traveling to Australia? Then you'll be interested to see these 10 mind-blowing pictures from there!

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12 photos of Istanbul to make you fall in love with Turkey 6/4/2021

Istanbul is one of the prettiest and most atmospheric cities in the world. The photos you're about to see will make you add Turkey to your travel bucket list!

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5 images that perfectly capture Africa's wonders 5/31/2021

Еhe second biggest continent on Earth is full of stunning landscapes and impressive phenomena. Here are 5 such wonders – they will totally amaze you!

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6 amazing facts you won’t learn in school 5/4/2021

There are so many interesting things that we don’t get to find out in school. Today we bring six incredible facts that will enrich your knowledge!

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9 exсeptional bridges that seem to lead to a new world 5/1/2021

Beautiful bridges are not something we see around all the time. In this article, you'll see 9 photos of bridges that are absolutely stunning.

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6 amazing facts that even teachers are unaware of 4/24/2021

Teachers are amazing and informed people, but nobody knows everything! There are plenty of interesting facts that would surprise even our educators.

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Geography is the study of place, space, and the environment. In other words, it concerns everything you see around. Our fun and strange geography facts can prove that we live in a fascinating world. It has its very own quirks, highs and downs, its irregularities and beautiful weirdness. Do you know that continents shift at about the same rate as your fingernails grow? Check your knowledge on geography now.

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