8 types of noisy neighbors. Find yours

Oh, you know that neighbor who lets their dog bark at 5:00 a.m. or the one constantly revs the engine… How about the noise because of that neighbor’s parties? There is music till all hours of the night and they don’t ever invite you. QuizzClub’s community reveals 8 loudest types of neighbors compared to the loudest animals on Earth.

Are you lucky to live in a quiet neighborhood? Or are your neighbors the loudest people on earth? Here is the list of 8 loudest creatures that can be compared to people who make your life unbearable.

Have you found your neighbors in the list? You can continue it in the comments below! Don’t forget to share the article on Facebook :)

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Lyndell Taylor
Steve Tingle, Definitely agree. Kakapo are ground dwellers. Used to find heaps of water boatmen in the inground pool at one house I lived in.
Nov 18, 2020 4:48PM
Lyndell Taylor
David Ching, Yeah! A kakapo looks more like a giant green budgerigar.
Nov 18, 2020 4:46PM
That was fun and educational. Thank you and be well.
Aug 28, 2020 11:09PM
Very interesting. Neighbours? Probably the blue whale at times -- not often thank goodness but sometimes at three in the morning someone has to start arguing lol.
Aug 22, 2020 10:17AM
Marie Paterson-van Cittert
Yes and then you have parrots who learn to imitate loud industrial whines and screeching must be the absolute worst!!
Aug 22, 2020 1:36AM
Nicholas Miernicki
Cicadas I can attest to (but not the particular one in the article). About 7 or 8 years ago, I was driving home from the office when I was caught in a traffic backup in a wood area. The cicadas were so loud that it was causing me physical pain. Even with the windows up the noise was deafening. A few days later, I remember sitting at a traffic light and watching a flock of Canadian geese running around like maniacs, eating the cicadas. I felt like getting out of the car and cheering the geese on, but, they were doing just fine without me.
Aug 21, 2020 7:02PM
Sterling Stanley
None really. I don't interact with my neighbors.
Aug 21, 2020 10:29AM
David Ching
More like Patagonian Conure Parrot - defo not kakapo
Aug 21, 2020 7:09AM
Darlene Davidson
The animals are noisy enough without the neighbours.
Aug 20, 2020 8:19PM
Steve Tingle
Two comments - the picture of the Kakapo is wrong, that's an ordinary parrot, the Kakapo couldn't stand on a twig so small. And the Water Boatman I know (used to have them on our pond) are 2 cm long not mm.
Aug 20, 2020 7:27PM

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