15 beautifully colorized photos of the past that reveal what life was once like

The invention of photography made it possible for people to capture their stories, and it was one of the greatest breakthroughs in our history. These colorized pictures, some of which are more than a century old, will take you to an amazing journey to the past.

Which of these pictures impressed you the most?

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Your opinion matters
Carole Truswell
Migrant and children stand out for me.
Jan 15, 2020 4:13PM
Vijay Suri
Beautiful pictures
Jan 9, 2020 9:47PM
David Holmes
Half the pictures were covered by requests to relinquish personal information. No thanks.
Dec 17, 2019 2:42AM
Migrant mother very touching
Dec 16, 2019 10:31PM
Chriss Crockford
Interesting photos
Dec 10, 2019 4:34PM
Richard Koopman
Yes! How do they know what the actual color of some things were?
Dec 8, 2019 6:19PM
Very memorable pictures I like them all !
Dec 5, 2019 10:23PM
Dianne DeLay
All, I love history!
Dec 5, 2019 8:33PM
Romy Romero
All pictures are beautiful
Dec 5, 2019 7:15PM
Cheryl McMeekin
All are very impressive.
Dec 5, 2019 5:03PM
Eliseo Bananal
All impressive and memorable. Just wondering under #12 if tragedy survived the war and returned back to their families.
Dec 5, 2019 3:37AM
Melissa Hess
Love # 1! Thanks for sharing!
Dec 5, 2019 12:24AM
Donna Cyr
Wonderful in color
Dec 5, 2019 12:01AM
John W Shreve
Walt Whitman, who loved baseball.
Dec 4, 2019 1:41PM
Todd Cates
Dec 4, 2019 1:06PM

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