5 Incredible children who are changing the world for the better

While adults are stuck in conflicts and do not care about our future, these amazing children focus on changing the world for the better. Find out what they have already done!

Effecting change in the world takes time and these kids do not waste any of it. Read ahead to learn more about children making a big difference in the world.

Have these five stories inspired you? Do you know other kids who are changing the world? Share your stories in the comments below.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Patricia Parraguez-Chen
You forgot to mention Greta!
May 12, 2020 9:59AM
Marie Wheeler
why isn't Greta here?
Mar 3, 2020 8:40AM
We need more and more Good News! Thank you.
Jan 15, 2020 5:59PM
Thomas Kinard
I'm glad Gretta didn't make the cut
Jan 3, 2020 8:54AM
Kathy Phillips
these stories create hope for the world
Dec 14, 2019 9:44AM
Barbara Condy
We need thousands more like those wonderful kids, as well as kids inspired by them to at least choose help and peace over violence!!
Nov 4, 2019 6:02PM
Jillian Kearns
Children do not have daily domestic duties to take up their time, therefore their brains get directly to the "tip" of the question, the need of a new invention. They are also able to spend a lot of time working things out, as they are transported, to and from places as adults are the conveyours of the family. Jillian Kearns.
Nov 2, 2019 10:07AM
Yolanda Solis
Great group of children!
Oct 31, 2019 9:25PM
Susan Golebiewski
Congrats to all these special young people. Thank you for your ideas/inventions.
Oct 28, 2019 7:02PM
Jacqueline Tattam
Rosemary Elstone, I agree, Greta is an amazing young woman who deserves to be included!
Oct 28, 2019 12:25AM
Ruth Mason-riseborough
Well done all of them hope they inspire some more people
Oct 27, 2019 9:37PM
Kathryn Cavanagh
You have named the country of birth of all but Ruby Kate Chitsey, why the lack of info for her..??
Oct 27, 2019 6:32PM
Katie Elizabeth
They are the future
Oct 27, 2019 6:27PM
jack patti go
These kidfos are amazing,
Oct 26, 2019 9:40PM
Ruthanne Nicholls
Amazing kids
Oct 26, 2019 6:08PM

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