8 untold facts about Native Americans

Long before Christopher Columbus, the Americas were already inhabited by different tribes. Those indigenous American groups had a flourishing culture and amazing traditions. Though most of the information was lost, there are still a lot of curious facts about Native Americans. If you want to learn them, read the article!

Have you heard these facts before? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Luis Perez
These ethnical groups are the real original inhabitants of what is Canada and the United States of North America and as such, should be respected and given the position they deserve.
Jul 6, 2020 6:18PM
Matthew McKechnie
Bit rude that after telling us they don't like being called native Americans you then do so through out your article
Jul 6, 2020 5:26PM
It's long overdue that the "First People" of the Americas and Canada are finally getting recognized for the leaders in many areas BEFORE. the European settlers or any other race came along.
Jul 6, 2020 4:55PM
The First People deserve more than what they got and what they get today. Their history is important and vital to this nation and their nation, moreso. Their customs, their way of living and how they did things and what they valued was terrific. I learned a lot. It's all good. Thank you for letting vent. Be safe and smart. God Bless...
Jul 8, 2020 1:22AM
Wayne Roberts
They have suffered tremendously through our attempts of genocide and assimilation.
Jul 6, 2020 7:57PM
Teddi Silver
John New, You are so right John. Necessity is the mother of invention...they didn't need and unlike a lot of people today, walked to where they were going and didn't need "wheels" :)
Jul 27, 2020 5:25PM
Marie Wheeler
in Canada, they are often called indigenous people
Jul 23, 2020 9:20AM
Tina Marie Haddad Rhodes
I guess not being called Native American makes alot of sense considering they are not the ones who named this country America. So call these native people whatever term they would perfer it’s there right as a people... like me I am always marking I am caucasin but I am also Arabic and I have been thinking of marking both.
Jul 20, 2020 10:51AM
Sergey Arustamov
Since my childhood American Indians, and that how everyone should call them was always being my heroes and inspiration, beautiful,strong,independent people lived in full harmony with nature and their habitat. I still have a many friends who America Indian and they are amazing people to interact with, they are my brothers and sisters.
Jul 15, 2020 5:06PM
I am always respectful of other tribes since I am a Kikuyu a tribe of Kenya.
Jul 11, 2020 2:30AM
Empire of the Summer Moon is a book about The evolution of the horse tribes.
Jul 9, 2020 9:22AM
Thomas Mellard
Very interesting to here about native American.
Jul 8, 2020 6:19AM
Janice Turkovich Stewart, we should ask them first
Jul 8, 2020 4:32AM
Matthew McKechnie, so how should they be called? If there is no a term (which is stated)
Jul 8, 2020 4:28AM
Jenny Forbes
I've often read that horses were unknown in the Americas before the Europeans came. However, many of the pictures of indigenous people show them riding or using horses - presumably a skill which they could have acquired only after the Europeans came. I'd like to find out more about the arrival of horses and how the indigenous people became such skilled horsemen (and women!). More info, please.
Jul 8, 2020 2:25AM
Gassan Couri
Very interesting ,full respect to their culture.
Jul 8, 2020 2:20AM
I saw a PBS special on the Vikings and their women also fought in battle
Jul 8, 2020 1:48AM
Who were the first Americans? How far back in history or time do we have to go back in time do we have to go to find the original inhabitants of any land?
Jul 8, 2020 12:50AM
Matthew McKechnie, my thought exactly when I started reading the facts! 😊👍
Jul 7, 2020 10:22PM

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