9 cool pics that show how radically things can change with time

Today, we will be sharing pictures that show how the passage of time can make a great deal of difference on several objects, enough that you feel like you could see time literally.

As time passes, before anyone can say "Jack Robinson", it can turn out to leave its mark on objects. Time constantly reminds us that the initial state of things will certainly change whether you like it or not.

You can find more pictures that reveal the true power of time in this article.

Do you have other experiences with how time can seem visible literally or how it's made an object changed after repeated action? Tell us below in the comment section.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Wayne Roberts
Can’t love the dog that much! In an accident it would be seriously injured or killed!
Feb 7, 2021 4:51PM
Leticia Olsen
♥️#1 Skeleton of a leaf looks like a well made lace!!👍🏼
Feb 8, 2021 2:33PM
That dog is leaning too far out. It could be killed.
Feb 8, 2021 7:44AM
Veronics Moss
Lovely stories ,I liked all your stories very interesting and educational .
Feb 7, 2021 4:42PM

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