Beautiful libraries from around the world look fascinating in these pictures

For some, libraries are the most magical places in the world. Richard Silver, a travel photographer from New York, definitely agrees with that – take a look at his amazing pictures of libraries from around the globe... and just feel it!

What do you think about these pictures? Which one did you like the most? Have you ever been to any of these libraries? Do you have any beautiful memories about libraries to share with us?

We are waiting for your comments!


QuizzClub got permission to use photos by Richard Silver

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
WOW !. After seeing these pix, I don't believe that I'd be going there for books. IT would take me a month of Sundays to just enjoy the Views. WOW!
Aug 28, 2021 9:42AM
Craig Beavers
Wow! Impressive.
Apr 29, 2020 2:57AM
Mike Dela Cruz
Magnificent edifice!
Oct 12, 2019 5:15AM
Juan Francisco Diaz Perez
Stayed breathless
Aug 29, 2019 8:11PM
Ellen del Valle
All. AWE inspiring 🙀. The ceiling of Rio de Janeiro and Stuttgart Germany 🤗
Aug 26, 2019 5:16PM
Nan Riefler
what about the library of congress in DC ?
Jun 30, 2019 8:06PM
Laura Peterson
A library is indeed a magical place
Jun 8, 2019 9:16PM
Maribel Matochik
How about the beautiful library in Buenos Aires, Argentina?
Apr 13, 2019 4:47PM
Margie Wilson
And he missed the Trinity College Library in Dublin! The greatest library in the world as well as the one in the Vatican. An incomplete listing then.
Apr 9, 2019 2:33AM
we have some nice libraries in Cleveland, OH...
Apr 5, 2019 6:57PM
Amar Dhillon
Amazing architectures! Absolutely love the library in Stuttgart, in Germany.
Mar 1, 2019 7:38PM
June Dutt
Very impressive indeed
Feb 19, 2019 10:55AM
Sylvia Skinner
They are all wonderful, I think Vienna may be the most beautiful. Would be hard to choose. I have never visited any of these, but would be happy to spnjd hours at any one.
Feb 15, 2019 11:09AM
Marquita Simmons
Vienna, Stuttgart, Melbourne, and both in New York. The New York Public Library reminded me of Hogwarts.
Feb 15, 2019 9:45AM
NY Public and the LA libraries seemed to waste a lot of wall space. Other than that they were all beautiful
Feb 15, 2019 7:14AM

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