The coolest facts about pasta – one of the world's favorite foods!

This fantastic food is eaten in every part of the world, cooked in many households and loved by millions of people. If you're one of them, these pasta facts will definitely inspire you.

Which of these pasta facts did you like the most? Do you eat pasta? What is your favorite recipe? Tell us in the comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
We use pasta as a side dish with almost everything - a bit of oil, garlic and parmesan. Voila! YUM
Aug 31, 2020 11:42AM
Jean Swain
Don’t eat pasta ugggg
Jan 20, 2021 5:51PM
Bernie Brown
I love spaghetti bolognese & carbonara
Nov 11, 2020 5:36AM
I loved pasta when travelling in Italy, it is different from the one in USA. No cheese for me give me marinara pasta sauce. Thank you and be well.
Sep 3, 2020 10:02PM
Agnes Herschel
Love pasta with strong cheeses
Sep 2, 2020 10:22AM
John Mullin
Mac and cheese
Sep 1, 2020 10:06AM
Wendy Smart
Pasta always makes me happy
Aug 31, 2020 10:21PM
Doris Dallaire
I love all pasta but my faves are linguini, spaghettini, macaroni, and orzo. So versatile!’
Aug 31, 2020 7:30PM
Lasagna is my favorite pasta
Aug 31, 2020 6:28PM
Jeanette Gersbach
Penne Arribiata with lots of chilli.
Aug 31, 2020 5:29PM
Madi Marven
I make my own & its so much better than the bought stuff & so easy too!!
Aug 31, 2020 7:25AM
Adriana Zuliani
I like most of them, but not all the times.
Aug 31, 2020 1:06AM
Brian Gonsalves
Venezuela has the highest per capita pasta consume after Italy
Aug 30, 2020 11:58PM
Ilias Tsiabardas
Pasta Carbonara e pasta al pesto my favorite ones
Aug 30, 2020 7:04PM
Lynne Mills
Just love pasta.
Aug 30, 2020 4:29PM

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