Mysterious secrets of the Mayan Civilization

In the jungles of Southern Mexico and Central America, the ancient ruins of the Maya posed a mystery. They revealed the civilization of stunning achievements created in isolation from Europe and Asia. It's no wonder people are interested in this culture. A lot of scientists, historians, and archeologists try to solve the secrets of the Maya. They have succeeded in some of them but not all of them. Check out these incredible facts about the Mayan Civilization to learn more!

Before we go deeper into the story of the Maya, do not forget about QuizzClub’s main goal to educate people in a fun way. Check whether you know the Mayan history and culture with three trivia questions below. Click them to check your answers:

  1. What is the name of the powerful Maya city-state that was a regional power in the southern Maya region?
  2. Who was the Mayan God of Rain?
  3. What food was highly valued in the Aztec and Mayan cultures and sometimes used as money?

Did you get them right? Let’s start with learning some historical facts about the Mayan Civilization:

  • The term “Maya” is modern. The indigenous population never used it because there never was a common sense of identity or political unity among the distinct populations.
  • The Mayan Civilization used wood, jade, obsidian, ceramics, sculpted stone monuments, stucco, and finely painted murals to create their artforms.
  • This civilization is famous for its highly developed writing system, art, architecture, mathematics, calendar, and astronomical system.

Now let’s dive into the secrets of the Mayas.

Have you ever heard of these facts about the Mayan Civilization? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Wayne Roberts
A lot of knowledge destroyed by ignorant Christian invaders. Christians are guilty of mass genocide of the indigenous people’s of all the Americas.
Jul 1, 2020 4:39PM
I totally agree with William B and Wayne R...Christians are guilty of so much of the wrongs in the world!
Oct 9, 2021 8:02PM
Tom Fuller
Brings a new meaning to being a defeated team! It was hard to get good at the game.
Jan 15, 2021 7:24AM
Gary McLean
Killing a losing sport team is not very civilized in my opinion...certainly interesting
Nov 16, 2020 2:18AM
William M Bellinger
Wayne, you are so right. The Spaniards killed so many all in the name of Christ. They conquered using weapons and disease...smallpox. This disease also took down the Aztecs and the Incas. Most of the Mayan books, Codices, were burnt by the Spanish priests. The Portuguese started slavery in the new world. There are many books and TV documentaries take show the histories of these peoples. I have toured Aztec, Mayan, and Inca lands. All different and all intriguing. It is so sad that these cultures were destroyed.
Sep 18, 2020 12:56PM
George Thompson
Wayne, you need to check your history. Wherever the "Christians" landed they made huge improvements. Not every one that calls themselves a christian actually is.
Sep 9, 2020 8:53PM
Would love to see more of these type of facts! Thank you! 😊👍
Jul 18, 2020 6:38PM
Susan Golebiewski, 👍
Jul 18, 2020 6:37PM
ninakamwene, 👍😊! Glad to see you, playing! Haven't seen much of you! 😊👍
Jul 18, 2020 6:36PM
Rita Lawrence Edwards Meneses
Wayne Roberts, not destroyed by anyone in this case. The area was abandoned and not discovered for years after. Archeologists have unearthed much of the amazing area but much more to go.
Jul 11, 2020 1:59PM
Wayne Roberts
Bob Alexander, The religions of the world have committed many crimes! The further we go back in time, we can understand ignorance and lack of modern morals. As we come to more modern times we should expect higher morals from a higher educated species!!!
Jul 10, 2020 8:34PM
That was educational and interesting to one who knows close to zero on the subject of Mayans. Thank you for sharing and be well. Blessings.
Jul 9, 2020 12:15AM
bina sarmah
Annette Shaw, Indians were the one came up with the concept of zero.
Jul 2, 2020 1:05PM
bina sarmah
feliciaacarter, Europeans rewrote history spreading wrong information.
Jul 2, 2020 1:04PM
Annette Shaw
the Mayans were the first civilization to use the number 0
Jul 2, 2020 12:57AM
Peter Robertson
feliciaacarter, Yep-they say that people who burn books end up burning people. This is what happened with these zealots.
Jul 1, 2020 8:45PM

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