The Mandela effect – mind-bending examples of collective false memories

What is the Mandela effect? Simply put, it's when a large number of people share incorrect memories about widely known things or facts. If it sounds strange to you, keep reading and you will realize you've experienced it yourself at least once.

Why is the theory named so?

The news of Nelson Mandela's death in 2013 was absolutely shocking for the majority of people. Moreover, many believed he had already died in the 80s! The phenomenon was named after him, even though there are many even more shocking Mandela effect examples. Here they are:

Which of the facts from the article surprised you the most? Did you know the Mandela effect definition before? Do you know any other interesting examples?

In the world where even collective memories can be false, be sure: our informative articles, fun trivia quizzes and trivia questions are always here for you.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Alan Conyard
Never before heard this problem called the Mandela effect. Nobody in my immediate circle, or in any newspapers I read, has ever said that they thought Nelson Mandela was dead well before he actually died. Where did this idea originate ?
May 8, 2020 4:43PM
Jackie Offen
Berenstein Bears is the big one, I remember them (because they were) as Berenstein but apparently it’s now Berenstain (which is wrong)! I wish I still had my kids books.
Apr 26, 2020 12:53AM
Todd Cates
Mar 21, 2020 10:40AM
Myrna Olson
So many say, Build it and they will come!! It is he will come... just Shoeless Joe Jackson (,I think}
Mar 20, 2020 5:43PM
Penelope Harrison
I misread it and thought it was mandala. I was deffo going round in circles with that one!!!!
Mar 20, 2020 6:20AM
Darlene Davidson
I assumed there was a t in Skechers.
Mar 19, 2020 10:58PM
Jim Adams
Old, old stuff and there are versions of Monopoly, abet likely illegal knockoffs, where the monopoly man does have monocle. I bought a beautiful Monopoly game in Singapore aka the illegal copycat kingdom of the Orient.
Mar 19, 2020 10:47PM
It's the Planters peanut guy with the monocle.
Mar 19, 2020 10:01PM
Allison Aspden
Interesting observations.
Mar 19, 2020 9:40PM
Ilias Tsiabardas
Never heard of that bat is very good to know about Mandela Effect
Mar 19, 2020 8:46PM
That was fascinating. Of all the things to remember Mandela for. Never had of it. I thought: "Luke, I am your father" was correct even though I saw the movie many years ago. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison and became the president of South Africa, that is what we should remember him for. May he RIP. Thank you.
Mar 19, 2020 7:55PM
I've never heard of the Mandela effect. I am definitely guilty of these though.
Mar 19, 2020 7:16PM
Michael Doherty
Karen Swisher Wolf, what?
Mar 19, 2020 7:12PM
Don Agey
Never heard of the 'Mandela Effect' and yes I am guilty of a couple of them
Mar 19, 2020 6:31PM
Karen Swisher Wolf
M O N O P O L Y that is
Mar 19, 2020 5:34PM

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