The mind-boggling story of Zaha Hadid, the greatest female star of architecture

This groundbreaking woman changed the face of modern architecture, even though she managed to complete her first real project only at the age of 44. Zaha Hadid's inspirational story and her incredible non-linear shaped buildings are what will leave you speechless today.

In 2020, she would have turned 70 years old.

Here are some of Hadid's most impressive works:

Did you know Zaha Hadid's story before? What do you think about it? Which of her works do you like the most?

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Your opinion matters
Ian Swindale
Wow she really did have an amazing talent
Jan 19, 2020 5:19AM
Jan 10, 2020 12:16AM
Todd Cates
Late bloomer 👍
Jan 6, 2020 5:22PM
Lynne Kraner
What an interesting story.
Dec 6, 2019 5:51PM
Sushilkumar Sachdev
A rare talent.
Dec 5, 2019 8:55PM
Romy Romero
Wow she is very talented
Dec 5, 2019 7:33PM
Jim Blanton
Great talent
Dec 5, 2019 6:35PM
Brigitte Kurowski-Wilson
Unfortunately I never was aware of her name. What a pity that she passed away so young. She had an exceptional talent.
Dec 4, 2019 5:34PM
Veronics Moss
Wonderful and very talented lady, thanks for sharing all her achievements. 😍
Dec 4, 2019 4:22PM
Lynne Cage
Very talented lady!
Dec 4, 2019 6:45AM
evelyn hayden
Thanks for the information
Dec 3, 2019 7:01PM
David Sarver
The first true 21st century architect! May her legacy expand and continue.
Dec 3, 2019 2:38PM
The Opus in Dubai is beautiful, as all her work ❣️❣️❣️
Dec 3, 2019 1:31PM
Kim Rapp
Dec 3, 2019 10:34AM
Seyed Abdollah Yassini
Amazing lady, honor of ladies.
Dec 3, 2019 1:08AM

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