These 10 mythical creatures actually existed

Being a person who is into sci-fi and fantasy, I’ve come across some pretty curious creatures but I always figured that they were just the product of some writer’s imagination. Well, I was wrong. Are you interested? Keep reading!

If you are here, probably, you are really into this stuff. Let’s start!

I hope you enjoyed this article. Perhaps you know some of these, but maybe you know other creatures that should be in the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Lloyd Stiffler
There are giant black wolves that resemble the Dire Wolf in size. I’m wondering if they are connected as an evolved version of the prehistoric?
Oct 6, 2020 10:31PM
Joyce Greenlees
Dracula was based “on” a real man, not “off of” a real man.
Oct 14, 2020 6:50PM
Barb Beck
The news NHL team located in Seattle is known as The Kraken
Nov 9, 2021 7:17PM
Paula Salem
Those were all amazing.
Dec 14, 2021 4:37PM
The afri an unicorn looks like a Okapi
Aug 25, 2023 5:07PM
John W Shreve
John W Shreve, My loving nickname for her is "Nightmare Alice." The name comes from Li'l Abner, the old comic strip by Al Capp.
May 18, 2023 11:39PM
John W Shreve
Joyce Greenlees, How did that ever sneak into our language? And in print.
Apr 17, 2023 7:11PM
John W Shreve
Joyce Greenlees, How did that ever sneak into our language?
Apr 17, 2023 7:09PM
John W Shreve
My supervisor, Alice Gonzalez, really exists.
Apr 17, 2023 7:08PM
Beryl Swettenham
Debbie Young, It is real, it’s an okapi.
Oct 23, 2022 8:59AM
Any word on The Bunyip?
Jul 30, 2022 3:36AM
lls titanoboas for me, thx...I would be willing to pal around with a dire wolf, tho!
Jun 25, 2022 5:39PM
Debbie Young
I love Unicorns...I have a collection of them....and a mythical and magical...although the one they show in a picture deer..giraffe....and zebra...a little hard too grasp
Mar 8, 2021 4:45PM
Adriana Zuliani
I knew about the Amazons long before the movie.
Feb 21, 2021 1:25AM
William Perkins
flanderschristy, Here in Alton IL we have the Piasa Bird. A near identical legend called the Peng-ju comes from China.
Jan 1, 2021 5:24PM
I found this to be very interesting. I've always said that there is some truth to all folklore. Of course over the years the story (just like gossip) tends to be blown out of proportion. Some people like to make the story more "interesting". Lol
Dec 9, 2020 3:53PM


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