What is the greatest civilization in history?

What do you call a distinct civilization which lasted for about 5,000 years till now? A civilization so advanced that its neighbors copied its ways and despite changes still stayed their way?

That would be China.


  • Advanced and distinct architecture. So advanced in their own eras that its neighboring countries copied their designs in making magnificent temples and palaces that still stand strong today.

  • Not to mention some of their buildings lasted for more than 2000 years and are still standing strong.

Weaponry and warfare

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  • They invented the worlds first crossbow and most significantly the worlds first gunpowder weapons in the form of cannons and fire lances. They introduced the latter to the rest of the world and with that reshaped the world into what we are now today.
  • They also produced the most famed and most influential military manual of all time, The Art of War, written over 2500 years ago. It has been widely used in the modern times by a number of generals all over the world across modern history.

Ideology and creed

  • At the top was the all-renowned Confucius, the man who created a philosophy that shaped and guided the governments and societies of his nation and the Orient for thousands of years until now.
  • Even today the albeit-communist government of China still reeks of Confucianist aspects, such as sheer intolerance of governmental errands and corruption, excellence in every aspect, unerring and unflinching obedience to authority, securing food for the nation and the people, and others.

Language and literature

  • Not much has changed with the Chinese language during the last 4,000 years of China’s existence as a civilization and 2,000 years as a nation. Only the way of writing and a few pronunciations were changed. It is still spoken by its people today, and is in fact the oldest language to belong into the official languages of the United Nations.
  • It was unlike the language of the ancients of the world that, except Hebrew, failed to survive up to the present day.
  • Other civilizations today, though also ancient in origin, preferred to communicate in other languages for fancy, or if communicating in their own language, do it in the alphabet instead of their own system of writing (which pisses me off every time btw). If you know what I mean, and what nation(s) I mean, but no offense…

  • In terms of literature, scholars never really had the problem of deciphering ancient historical texts of their own language, even it they’re already thousands of years old. Not to mention they still have millions of books that originated from far history and are still readable even by younger Chinese scholars today.
  • Compare that to other works of literature which's language still belonged to the ancients and scholars have a hard time deciphering them, even today.

Political power

  • China has been a regional and a global power for 2,000 years since its first empire in the Han Dynasty. Although it was conquered just twice by barbarians and bullied by undesirables, it still maintained itself as a power to be reckoned with. In fact, it is now a global superpower, influencing other nations, both weak and powerful, distant and neighboring, with its power, like it always did in the ages past.

There are still more factors why China is the greatest civilization to ever exist in history. Their already millennia-old culture still remains strong and still widely in use and were even copied and cherished by others. They still have cities more than three thousand years old, like Beijing and Luoyang, that are still inhabited by people who still spoke that language of their ancestors thousands of years ago, and are still in fact flourishing. They invented things like compass, guns, hydraulic irrigation pumps, printers, abacus and others countless generations ago that are still in great use today. They created infrastructures like the Grand Canal and the Great Wall that are still of use today. Even conquering barbarians adapted their ways and language knowing that they need a civilization to join and survive in this world in a peaceful way.

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Do you agree that China is the greatest civilization in history?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Rich Davis
Sim needs to read some history books to see exactly how his life has been influenced by the Chinese. Confucius was hardly the only philosopher that has influenced Western thoughts, just the most famous. Menicus, Lao Zi, Han Fei, Li Si, Xun Zi, Shang Yang are just a few more of note. As for the use of slaves, every major civilisation up to 1800AD used them including the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. Plus the British and of course America. Not all Dynasties were inward looking, many over the centuries were explorers sending out fleets of ships in the 100’s and are now acknowledged to be the first to circumnavigate the globe and were in the America’s before Columbus ‘discovered’ them! In fact the Chinese under the Mongol Emperors conquered most of Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Porcelain, paper, fishing reels, church bells, rudders, solar wind, the circulation of blood in the human body, the suspension bridge, the technique for drilling for natural gas, the iron plough, the seed drill, the mechanical clock, the seismograph, planting and hoeing techniques and the compass, canals & locks, the blast furnace, iron, bronze, movable sails & rudders, the movable type printing press, paper money, stirrups, navigation calculating latitude and longitude and on and on the list goes. Scholars even believe today that the Renaissance was kick started by the Chinese as many texts from Italy are direct copies of Chinese books hundreds of years older.
Oct 11, 2018 1:37PM
Rina Donick
And out west we thought we are the smart one's, there is lot out there EAST that we should start learning.
Nov 17, 2018 6:32PM
John Woods
A terrible history of dictatorship and brutality that totally undervalued the individual and which still executes more people than any other, including Saudi Arabia. Difficult to know when it will become a democracy as everything points to the rigidity of the communist regime maintaining its power by brute force.
Nov 26, 2018 3:02AM
Lynn Murchison, How much less could they care?
Dec 22, 2022 10:05AM
Greg Hirst
They may be great and should show it by pulling out of Tibet, and stop the sabre rattling around Taiwan. Another issue I have with them is that they dictated to our weak government here in South Africa, and blocked the visit to SA by the Dalai Lama, to see his friend Archbishop Tutu. Our government sadly is no moral compass, however, we are supposedly an independent sovereign state, and their action was disgraceful.
Nov 23, 2022 12:17PM
Rebecca Stephens Christian
Not so in the history book I was taught from from 1st grade through a Masters in college. Greek and Roman civilizations were more advanced .
Sep 12, 2022 7:11PM
Joy Holbrook
Lynn Murchison, they could care less? That means they care enough to be able to care less. Do you mean the Chinese couldn’t care less? This means that they care so little, it would be impossible to care less. I think you mean the latter.
Aug 10, 2022 6:56PM
Dave Walser
Sam Jones, and there was I thinking John Wayne won the war single handed
May 16, 2022 4:53PM
Lynn Murchison
They could care less about their people.
Mar 20, 2022 4:56PM
David Koob
I would say, China for sure, but also, Persia, Greek and Rome! Never underestimate the power of the Romans!
Mar 7, 2022 7:23PM
Lainey Hodson
Sam Jones, I agree with you, but dont forget apart from the native red indians, Americans are originally English, Dutch & Irish that settled there & built the country. So maybe most of the credit should go to them. I believe Donald Trump is one of the great Presidents of America, he's not a puppet like so many, not a "Yes" man & he can't be bought. After having gone bankrupt to build himself up from scratch to what he has now, that shows intelligence, wisdom, foresight & strength, things that so many world leaders know nothing about. !!!!
Jan 10, 2020 12:02AM
Again, American arrogance. That's what kelt Vietnam in business o war FOR so long, and yes, i am a VERY PROUD AMERICAN, just realistic and OPEN minded. If all ethnic foods i would choose CHINESE if i had ONLY one choice. PIZZA NOODLES???
Oct 9, 2019 7:11PM
Johnny Rock
I wouldn't go as far to say people are still using the abacas and still using the Great Wall. That's tourist attraction. But still, yes, China is a great civilization.
Oct 6, 2019 3:28PM
linda corbin
Allan Walker, porcelain is a type of glass, and yes, they did
Oct 1, 2019 5:15PM
Bill Payne
China of course!
Aug 7, 2019 3:06AM
Chris Hemstead
which's ?
Aug 1, 2019 5:36PM
Yogi Arya
Sam Jones, very true. But when the war/s are fought away / let them happen away from my doors , am bound to feel Big, great , saviour, benefactor of the ‘rest’ . Its business .
Jun 22, 2019 2:02AM
Peter Robertson
Sam Jones, Gee Whiz!
Apr 21, 2019 12:49AM

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