10 weird and unexpected facts you would't believe are true

It's a good practice to verify everything you see on the internet today, as a lot of interesting facts turn out to be fake. The ones you will find in this article are bizarre and hard to believe, but all of them are absolutely true. Take a look and get ready to be amazed.

Have you ever heard any of these facts before? Which one surprised you the most? Do you have any surprising and weird information to share with us?

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Jonesy McConnell
Colin how is Gibraltar not a part of the UK ?
Feb 26, 2018 6:01PM
Elaine Bauer
Peter de Loriol, just as Canada, New Zealand, etc., are not
Dec 28, 2019 5:37PM
Ilias Tsiabardas
The One that Surprise me the most is the Japanese fish that lived for226 years
May 15, 2019 7:35PM
Charlie Unsworth
Re No. 3: we’ve been infiltrated by the flat earth society! An ellipse is 2 dimentional - i.e. FLAT. THe reason why the route appears to be a curve is because it is drawn on a Mercator’s projection map. Of you looked at it on a globe from a point vertically above the line it would look straight. The earth is quite definitely NOT an ellipse. Der.
Apr 7, 2019 6:20PM
Ray Anderson
You might be able to eat year-old apples but they taste horrible - usually floury.
Apr 4, 2019 6:16PM
Peter de Loriol
The United Kingdom is the short term for 'The United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland' - ergo any island not within this geographical sphere, whether it belongs to Great Britain, is not the UK.
Mar 30, 2019 5:04AM
Peter de Loriol
Agreed with Mario- this is the type of question that a politician can pose - and we know what politicians do best!
Mar 30, 2019 5:00AM
Dan Drinkall
#8 is why the Piranha are doing so well ? [ ( H + a ) x 2 ]
Mar 26, 2019 12:11AM
Floyd Bladen
not sure i believe all of these. a pint of sweat from both feet a day???
Feb 15, 2019 6:14PM
Darlene Davidson
My absolute favourite is the one about the woman searching for herself. A woman does not have to do that by going to Iceland. I'm kind of glad that scientists haven't figured out sleep yet. If they did, they'd probably murder it.
Dec 16, 2018 5:59PM
Lyn MacDonald
Mario Racomelara, I did not read it that way - of course Gibraltar is not in England ... But it is England's. Perhaps you didn't read it correctly .. or didn't know
Nov 18, 2018 4:05AM
Carmelina Piperni
AMAZING FACTS................
Nov 1, 2018 7:18PM
Ella Teuben
Christina Birnie, By your reasoning, UK is visible from Australia. It’s embassy in London is an Aussie territory :D Jonesy McConnell,
Oct 29, 2018 10:31PM
Diane Thompson
This was one of the most interesting sets of info I've read. Much thanks. I love the one about the missing woman. That's hilarious. Very very interesting reading.
Oct 25, 2018 6:39AM
Anabelle Harrison
5 and 10
Oct 7, 2018 9:59AM
Isabel Laing
The amount of sweat your feet produce. Gibraltar is owned by Britain so it's counted as part of th UK.
Sep 21, 2018 4:58PM

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