7 facts about Cuba that will make you want to visit this country

Cuba is an amazing country that is on most travelers' bucket list – and there are some good reasons for that. Read on to learn 7 cool facts about this paradise of the Caribbean.

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Would you like to visit Cuba one day? Or have you already been there? Tell us in the comments!

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garrett scott
Imagine if you can, the U.S. supporting Castro in the Cuban Revolution. World circumstances would have been dramatically different in the second half of the twentieth century.
Jan 31, 2021 4:58PM
Raymond Cardona
As a Canadian I am very fortunate to have visited Cuba 22 times. It's an place and the people are very warm and friendly Bonnie
Jan 31, 2021 5:57PM
Richard Perkins
No, I don't want to visit Cuba.
Feb 1, 2021 9:33AM
Jean Franklin
it is very poor and the meals are much to be desired even at 5* hotels. Peasant food.. Nonetheless, interesting country and history attached to it!
Feb 1, 2021 7:10AM
Leticia Olsen
👍🏼This is the place I wanted to visit in the future.
Feb 1, 2021 4:10AM
Linda Spreng
I adore hummingbirds. I really need to meet a bee hummer.
Jan 31, 2021 10:34PM
Doris Dallaire
Cuba is a beautiful place to visit but the people are very poor. Those 50’s cars are neat but the tires are so bald, it’s a wonder they can still drive them. But the people are very warm and friendly. I really enjoyed my visit to Cuba.
Jan 31, 2021 9:39PM
Gil Grady
I lived in Cuba for 2 1/2 years on the naval base (Guantanamo), and, although not allowed into the mainland, I never met a nicer group of people than the Cubans who worked on the property.
Jan 31, 2021 9:27PM
Sean Philips
carlthedad, I’ve visited Cuba 5 times and your statement is simply not true. On my third trip, I was a passenger in a vehicle which was involved in a traffic accident. I was taken to hospital and looked after very well by their excellent medical staff. Of course I had travel medical insurance as tourists are not allowed to enter the country without it. I was certainly NOT ‘held for ransom by the Cuban government’! 🙄
Jan 31, 2021 9:10PM
Jitendra Misra
I have not been to Cuba. Considering its distance from my country it is unlikely that I will be able to see it.
Jan 31, 2021 9:00PM
Darlene Davidson
I have not been to Cuba but people who have told me that it was a good place to visit, especially because of the climate.
Jan 31, 2021 7:47PM
Dennis Brown
Yes, I hope to visit Cuba. All my friends in Europe have already been there.
Jan 31, 2021 5:18PM

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