The mysterious beauty of water: 15 prettiest lakes on Earth

Water is powerful and impressive. Lakes present on our planet are one of the most majestic creations of nature. Let's take a look at the most beautiful of them.

Have you ever been to any of these places? Which lake from the list would you like to visit?

Tell us in the comments.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Darlene Davidson
I have been to Plitvice Lakes but none of the others. I live near the Great Lake Ontario. Good display of lakes here but at least one of the Great Lakes should have been shown.
May 5, 2020 8:35PM
Dave Timmons
What no Tahoe?
Jan 28, 2020 6:36PM
Clarence Quismundo
Crater Lake in Oregon is one.
Jan 26, 2020 10:38AM
Dick Sheridan
You missed several lakes every bit as beautiful as some of these.
Jan 21, 2020 5:36PM
Robert L Hutchison
Pretty is a relative term and how do you describe what pretty is? For me, the prettiest lakes are those in mountainous areas like America's National Parks! And the ones I am most familiar with, are those in Glacier National Park in Montana and Canada (Alberta).
Jan 8, 2020 8:22PM
Skip Hayden
Picking Lake Minnewanka over Moraine Lake, Peyton Lake , Bow Lake, ..., in Banff National Park is strange!!
Oct 23, 2019 11:31AM
Don Racette
Mary Beth Oles Absolutely!
Oct 14, 2019 9:57PM
Tanya Yaksich
Remove Lake Hillier near Esperance Western Australia, it hasn’t been pink for over a decade ! The best pink lake is near Port Gregory in Western Australia
Oct 13, 2019 5:39AM
Thanks for sharing
Oct 2, 2019 5:20PM
Kathy Martin K
Been to Lake Atitlan in Guat... What about the Lagunas de Montebello in Chiapas Mexico or Laguna de Siete Colores in Bacalar Q. Roo Mexico? Both are beautiful.
Sep 18, 2019 8:52PM
Mary Beth Oles
How about Lake Superior, Michigan!
Aug 28, 2019 4:44PM
Margaret Goetzmann
I’m surprised you haven’t included the beautiful Lakes in Austria 🇦🇹
Aug 13, 2019 10:03PM
Chriss Crockford
Beautiful scenery.
Aug 11, 2019 2:17PM
Criona Walsh
All beautiful. Thank you
Aug 1, 2019 5:19PM
Patricia Parraguez-Chen
I am surprised that you did not include any of the beautiful lakes of Chile .The Lake Region in the south of Chile as well as in the Chilean Patagonia have gorgeous lakes.You really missed something,I am disappointed!
Jul 30, 2019 9:10AM

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