10 everyday things that were originally invented for a different purpose

Some ordinary objects we often see and use made surprising journeys before becoming what we're used to today. Find out what pillows, t-shirts, Play-Doh and other popular things were originally invented for.

Did any of these stories surprise you? Would you add any everyday objects to this list?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Raymond Cardona
Very interesting but mouths does not have an E in it Bonnie
Aug 31, 2021 4:41PM
Steve Tingle
WD40 - the 40th attempt at developing a Water Dispersent - so I read somewhere.
Jul 10, 2021 5:26PM
William Farris
Used the predecessor of PlayDoh many times in the 40s to clean the walls of homes using coal for heat.
Dec 13, 2020 1:07AM
Jim Mascair
I bet that listerine burned like crazy as a surgical disinfectant of an open wound. I would be skeptical about using it.
Sep 3, 2020 11:16PM
Craig Story
Very interesting Clavinian facts. As in Cliff Clavin
Jul 28, 2020 4:47PM
Craig McCann
William E. Algeo, actually, superglue was invented during the war in Vietnam Nam. It was used to seal up battle injuries quickly to keep the soldier from bleeding out until he could get to an aid station!
Jul 23, 2020 2:48AM
Wayne arrington
Listerine as a gargle would be a hard conclusion to reach after first using it on the floor.
Apr 18, 2020 6:31PM
William E. Algeo
I believe that I once read that the military developed superglue for use on fighter planes to get away from using rivets and other fasteners. Allowing smoother airflow.
Apr 6, 2020 5:08PM
Cheryl McMeekin
Very interesting info, some things I knew already.
Mar 21, 2020 2:58PM
I did not know all except Coca-Cola. Thank you for informing us.
Mar 16, 2020 8:47PM
Luis Perez
Quite interesting.
Mar 3, 2020 8:09PM
Toni Tanouye
Bob Blumrick, As a goldsmith, I would cut my fingers from time to time with the tiny, but sharp sawblade. Super glue was a quick solution.
Feb 25, 2020 9:03PM
Bob Blumrick
In addition to these, I was told by a surgeon (I used to work in a hospital as a critical care tech) that SuperGlue was originally intended to treat lacerations without sutures. It was called DermaBond. It seems to work really well when you DON'T want it to!
Feb 24, 2020 7:11PM
Karen S. Wolf
Interesting I knew that Listerine was originally used to clean & disinfect floors. I do wonder who first decided “Hey, let’s gargle with this!” (?)
Jan 22, 2020 5:45PM
James Gardner
Very informative information
Jan 13, 2020 4:49PM

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