10 of the wittiest and most powerful quotes by Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was one of the most influential and memorable figures of the 20th century. He always knew how to use language to inspire millions of people, and here are some of his greatest quotes.

What do you think of Winston Churchill? Did you like any of his quotes?

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Daniel Less
One of my all time heroes. And normally I don’t even like politicians particularly much! With very few exceptions. And he was one of these exceptions. His definition of socialism is one of the best I have ever heard!
Jun 27, 2020 6:03PM
Pat Samples
A brilliant man a great statesman with backbone. We could do with someone like him now to stand up for all things Great Britain.
Jun 20, 2020 8:14AM
Christina Birnie
A truly great statesman we need someone like him today
Jun 14, 2020 12:57PM
Mary Tishmack
A very wise man was PM Churchill! Too bad we lack them today, especially in the House of Representatives here in the USA.
May 26, 2020 6:53PM
Anne Roberts
Chriss I like that one it means he had a sense of humour without which you might as well be dead Thank goodness for our comedians there is nothing that can be on par with a smile and laughter
May 4, 2020 11:37PM
Anne Roberts
An extra quote to add which I feel is important “it is not what you know that matters but what you don’t know” That is how you like a chameleon changes his form but how human species learn from every experience and why every individual contributes in some way to make life worthwhile
May 4, 2020 11:29PM
Christine Gardner
An incredible man - the likes of which we won't see again. I was surprised to learn his last quote/words were : " I'm bored with it all". What a shame.
May 3, 2020 5:32AM
little brit
As an English Expat I adore the man. My mum and dad told me of his greatness along with the King and Queen during World War 2. I love that he has been called "THE LAST LION" and "GOD'S GREAT ENGLISHMAN"
Apr 18, 2020 8:44PM
Loved the quotes. Always admired that man,though I was a youth
Apr 11, 2020 1:49PM
A wise man. I liked all of his quotes, especially #7. It movivates me to do something though it looks impossible.
Mar 30, 2020 8:37PM
ann precix
Loved all of his quotes. There was much wisdom there. There has never been another statesman of his calibre
Mar 29, 2020 5:14AM
Carole Franks Nicolls
Loved all of his quotes Truly a great Englishman
Mar 25, 2020 2:24AM
Allison Aspden
Great quotes. Truth in each of them.
Feb 26, 2020 3:20AM
Ralph Meier
One of my hero’s
Feb 24, 2020 12:22AM
David Marke
I admired him; he was a great statesman and an even greater man.
Feb 14, 2020 3:19PM

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