12 popular words you didn't know started as brands

Some companies' products and services become so popular their brand names become common nouns and verbs. In fact, you might be using such words every day – read on to find 12 of the most unexpected examples.

All of the trademarks from the list were once registered by different companies. They got the right to use the symbol ® to inform the public that these names were owned by the companies and legally protected.

Some of the trademarks from the list have already expired – the term of a trademark is usually 10 years. After the completion of the term, the owner has to renew the trademark for another 10 years in order not to lose it.

Which one surprised you the most? Did you know about any of these? Would you like to add any words to this list?

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Your opinion matters
Mike Doughty
Biro, Hoover (may be too long ago for most readers.)
Jan 1, 2020 7:39PM
Kleenex? A brand name now commonly used for tissue.
Jan 6, 2020 4:46PM
Doreen Ross
In the UK a onesie was known as a Babygro which was the name of the manufacturing company.
Dec 29, 2019 4:59PM
Cool info! But I believe they left a few out: I think Refrigerator was a brand name; Kleenex is now widely used. I’m sure there are more.
Dec 28, 2019 7:45PM
Maqsood Baluch
Dec 28, 2019 12:14PM
Don Racette
Joyce Hamilton I think you mean HOW not HPW. :)
Dec 27, 2019 11:06PM
Michael Doherty
Kleenex, Band-aid, Saran Wrap, Jello, etc.
Dec 27, 2019 9:14PM
Celeste Thomas
Very Informative
Dec 27, 2019 7:43PM
Jim Adams
Where’s Xerox?
Dec 27, 2019 7:31PM
Rick Snyder
How about Xerox, a document copy!
Dec 27, 2019 7:25PM
Canada Dale
Interesting indeed
Dec 27, 2019 6:23PM
Rod Peel
Hoover springs to mind. It even generated the verb 'to Hoover' meaning to vacuum clean.
Dec 27, 2019 5:06PM
Darlene Davidson
Nicely done.
Dec 27, 2019 5:00PM
I knew about Jacuzzi because if it doesn't say Jacuzzi on the product I have always just called it a jetted tub
Dec 27, 2019 4:56PM
Joyce Hamilton
Hpw about Kleenex?
Dec 27, 2019 4:22PM

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