12 popular words you didn't know started as brands

Some companies' products and services become so popular their brand names become common nouns and verbs. In fact, you might be using such words every day – read on to find 12 of the most unexpected examples.

All of the trademarks from the list were once registered by different companies. They got the right to use the symbol ® to inform the public that these names were owned by the companies and legally protected.

Some of the trademarks from the list have already expired – the term of a trademark is usually 10 years. After the completion of the term, the owner has to renew the trademark for another 10 years in order not to lose it.

Which one surprised you the most? Did you know about any of these? Would you like to add any words to this list?

We are waiting for your comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Kleenex? A brand name now commonly used for tissue.
Jan 6, 2020 4:46PM
Scotch tape
Mar 1, 2020 10:29PM
Coke. I refer to all soda, especially cola, as Coke
May 23, 2020 4:54PM
Michael Doherty
Kleenex, Band-aid, Saran Wrap, Jello, etc.
Dec 27, 2019 9:14PM
Kraft envelope, A manila envelope.
Sep 17, 2021 9:18PM
Peter Robertson
Catherine Miller, Most of them though
Sep 16, 2021 11:09PM
Jello - gelatin
Sep 16, 2021 10:41PM
Escalator and Realtor 😳
Aug 27, 2021 9:30PM
David Ryan
How about Scotch Tape?
Dec 1, 2020 5:46PM
Dave Burnham
Gramophone, Victrola, Lp, (as opposed to “LP”),
Nov 10, 2020 12:20PM
Catherine Miller
Very American, we don’t use all those brand names in NZ, stretch and grow, spa pool, cotton bud, chapstick and lip balm it’s either or, mainly table tennis and a real estate agent is just that!
Sep 28, 2020 4:52PM
Angeles Dembowski
Drawers flask instead of thermos is the generic name.
Sep 25, 2020 7:18AM
Micheline Ratcliffe
in France if you ask for a Schweppes you automatically get a Tonic Water ! Imagine my surprise when I arrived in Australia and was asked to specify which flavour ?
Sep 12, 2020 6:06PM
Kapila Malhan
Escalator and thermos surprised me most. Xerox is another one to add to the list
Sep 3, 2020 10:57PM
Brian Gonsalves
Kleenex in German is Tempo also a brand name.
Aug 9, 2020 5:50AM
Dennis Oehler
What about "Kleenex"? That's another one. Funny, in the Philippines, "Colgate in another brand name used generically. So if you ask for "Colgate" you will be asked, "What kind?" Then you might reply, "Gleam." I always thought that was funny.
Jul 16, 2020 5:30PM
Fahmeena Rasheed Choudhury
Vicks? A brand name now commonly used for any vaporub
Jul 14, 2020 6:22PM
Marienne Litolff
In NZ we had Kelvinator fridges (or Kelvinators)
Jun 27, 2020 12:06PM

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