You can never guess the purpose of these old inventions

Learn about some unusual man-made things. Take a look at them and try to guess their purpose. It can be difficult!

People have always been inventive and have been creating various devices to make life easier, better and more fun.

Do you have any of the above mentioned devices at home? Can you imagine the world without these things?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Bryce Smith
Why is the ‘mask of shame’ not being produced any more?
Jan 8, 2018 4:31PM
Does the 'mask of shame' come with special locked on gloves to prevent texting or tweeting as well??????
Jan 8, 2018 4:54PM
Luis Perez
Would you believe, if I can say that I used one of those stethoscopes as a G.P. back in the early 70s in a small town in the mountains of Colombia., where it was in the hospital's museum.
Jan 8, 2018 6:20PM
Ian M Donald
Yeah why isn't the Mask of Shame in use in Hollywood and Washington
Jan 8, 2018 5:19PM
Les Leinaweaver
Bryce Smith, Can’t make enough to go around.
Sep 23, 2019 4:45PM
Kathleen Kennedy
only if it could be gender neutral
Aug 10, 2019 5:28PM
A lot of people would be wearing the mask of shame at any given time if its use was being enforced.
Jun 9, 2019 5:49PM
Nancy Deorsay
I know of a president who use one! Bryce Smith,
Jun 6, 2019 5:45PM
I do enjoy this kind of info.
Apr 27, 2019 11:31PM
Fun and interesting!
Apr 8, 2019 6:32PM
robert karel
I was expecting maybe to see a chastity belt to go with the mask of shame.
Mar 29, 2019 4:38AM
Pamela Spallin
Too bad that mask and Shame isn’t around anymore.
Feb 14, 2019 12:11AM
NanRan Walzer
We still have the first three! Inherited, of course.
Sep 27, 2018 6:50PM
Susan Lake-Harris
I have a pinard which is still used today to listen to foetal heartbeats. Mine is traditional wood, though metal ones can be bought. They're part of most home birth midwives' kit as you don't need gel and a portable ultrasound. They are perfectly adequate for pre-natal checks in women experiencing uncomplicated pregnancies. I used mine during my second pregnancy for my eldest to listen to the heartbeat of his sibling-to-be.
Sep 22, 2018 7:39PM
Julie de Wolff
Helped gobble up time in PT
Jun 3, 2018 5:13PM
Elvy D A Buena
Very informative
May 9, 2018 3:11PM
Gold Toy Box
Bryce Smith, I'm not sure it's possible to manufacture enough of them for all the rude, ill tempered folk just on the internet alone.
Apr 26, 2018 7:10PM
Fred Zeb Fudpucker
Worthless addition to Quizz Club IMHO.
Apr 24, 2018 1:32PM
Okkie Lombard
Same question
Apr 23, 2018 8:32AM

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