10 creatures that are too weird to be real

You won't believe your eyes but these animals really exist. QuizzClub team has found 10 fantastic creatures that seem to be too weird for our reality. Enjoy!

Mother Nature is wonderful and unpredictable. Sometimes she creates outstanding animals that contribute to the outstanding beauty and diversity of our planet. Look what strange creatures really exist on the Earth. We bet you couldn't even imagine that these animals are real. You'll definitely like them.

Did you know these animals? Do you like them? We are waiting for your response in the comments below.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Cathie Roth Lonnquist
The only animals in this group that I was familiar with were the Angora Rabbit, Pangolin, and the Lamprey. It would have been nice if some information about each subject had been provided.
Aug 20, 2017 6:50PM
Julie Allen
lmoores, All eight pangolin species are protected under national and international laws, and two are listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.- Just because they are protected doesn't stop people hunting and eating them.
Oct 7, 2022 9:07PM
cardsbysherrie, Don't take my word for it but I think it's a species of howler monkey
Aug 31, 2022 9:45AM
Rabbit, pangolin and long horn I am familiar with, I have seen pictures of Atlanticus Anyone know what that is in the picture at the very top?
Jun 9, 2022 5:22PM
I'd heard of the Angira Rabbit, the Lamprey, The Japanese Spider Crab and the Pangolin.
Feb 19, 2022 2:41AM
Information would make this so much better. Not really interested in pictures with no description.
Nov 10, 2021 2:46AM
Raymond Cardona
I have seen #1, #5 and #8 Bonnie
Aug 4, 2021 4:24PM
Cindy Ursan
Didn’t even get one picture! Very pissed off!!!
Sep 17, 2019 7:05AM
jack patti go
The only animal I saw that I knew about, was the Rabbit! The rest are pretty creepy!
Jul 20, 2019 9:43PM
Barry G Hitchens
Cathie Roth Lonnquist, --agreed
Jun 15, 2019 6:50PM
Chris Ann Urquhart
Barely touches the surface of the wired and wonderful animal kingdom, especially the invertebrates!
Apr 28, 2019 6:50PM
Lori Vdb
They are all beautiful,as are all animals
Apr 6, 2019 1:25AM
Thomas Begeng
Is that a Saki Monkey or Wilford Brimley?
Jan 17, 2019 4:43PM
Matthew McKechnie
Why Saki Monkey? Does it write short stories?
Nov 28, 2018 5:17PM
Peggy Tinsley
Barbara Brady, Hang on, Im right in there with you. Nothing is Permanant except Jesus and His Father
Jul 23, 2018 10:02PM
Barbara Brady
I identify with the sad sad monkey
Jun 15, 2018 7:31PM

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