10 of the most graceful birds living in North America

Nature Story: 10 of the most graceful birds living in North America

North America, due to its diverse nature, is home to gorgeous animals of all kinds, and birds living on the continent are not an exception. Let's meet these adorable feathered creatures.

Which of these birds do you like the most? Do you have a favorite bird?

Tell us in the comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Lourdes Ayala
Great synopsis and. Photos!
May 10, 2020 4:33PM
Marcia Feld
I have seen 8 of them in my County and nine of them in NY State. Violet-green Swallows I have seen in the NW but there is no record that I know of in this State so I guess that I'm doing good!
Apr 14, 2020 9:33PM
Michele Barnett
I live in South Texas and often see the Scissor-tailed Flycatchers in the spring. They are gorgeous!
Mar 8, 2020 6:03PM
Paulette Arnold
Bald eagle 😊
Jan 11, 2020 11:23PM
Amar Dhillon
Awesome birds.
Jan 9, 2020 6:21PM
Don Racette
Susan Gloebiewski But no where's as gorgeous as you!
Jan 2, 2020 4:54PM
Wow, fabulous birds! My favorite is the falcon. 242 mph impressive!
Dec 31, 2019 10:03AM
Robert Snow
The Cardinal is my favorite we also have a lot of Blue Jays Juncos and Chickadees in our yard !!
Dec 30, 2019 6:28PM
Susan Golebiewski
Thank you - these birds are Gorgeous!💞
Dec 30, 2019 3:50PM
Beautiful! If I put up a bird feeder, all I would draw would be crows & squirrels.
Dec 30, 2019 6:03AM
Cardinal was my Nana’s favorite too
Dec 29, 2019 5:50PM
Deborah Davidson
4 of these birds visit my birdfeeder.
Dec 29, 2019 9:22AM
Christine Brungot
Baltimore Oriole gets around to more places than I imagined
Dec 29, 2019 7:25AM
#10 is very pretty!
Dec 28, 2019 7:12PM
Ilias Tsiabardas
#5 The peregrine Falcon
Dec 28, 2019 6:41PM

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