10 untold facts about kakapo, the heaviest parrots on Earth

The only flightless parrots in the world, these adorable birds from New Zealand surprise with their appearance, size and behavior. Let's learn more about them!

Ready for a Kakapo-ic session? Let's get right into it!

We hope you learned a lot about kakapos in this post. Here's good news for the Kakapo lovers: their numbers have steadily increased over the past few years.

Would you love to see one of these amazing birds? Let us know what you think and why in the comment section below.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Steve Tingle
When I was young the general opinion was they would be extinct within a very short time, but the New Zealand government woke up before it was too late and rounded up all those it could find and released them on the islands after ridding said islands of predators. I believe it wasn't hunting that caused their downfall but the imported creatures like rats, cats, pigs and such like which as, they are ground nesting birds, were eating the eggs.
Jan 24, 2021 6:56PM
Keely Anne Williams
From Douglas Adams' Last Chance to See, "Sadly, however, it seems that not only has the kakapo forgotten how to fly, but it has also forgotten that it has forgotten how to fly. Apparently a seriously worried kakapo will sometimes run up a tree and jump out of it, whereupon it flies like a brick and lands in a graceless heap on the ground.
Jan 27, 2021 10:53AM
Nickey Welsh
Brill pictures and information. Thank you.
Jan 25, 2021 12:35PM
Cindy Stebbings
I had never heard of them before. I would love to see one. I’m glad steps have been taken to preserve them.
Jan 25, 2021 12:23PM
Would love to actually see one! 😊💛
Jan 25, 2021 8:16AM
Never heard of them before. Glad that they are protected.
Jan 25, 2021 6:28AM
Lyndell Taylor
Carol Moore, They eat rimu berries. And depending on how good a season for the berries, depends on how many new kakapo babies.
Jan 25, 2021 5:33AM
Cindy Ursan
I would’ve loved to see the pictures! But at least I got to read the facts...
Jan 25, 2021 2:34AM
Ngaire Woollett
It’s more likely these beautiful birds were endangered by introduced predators such as ferrets, stoats and rats. There are no foxes in NZ Doris Dallaire,
Jan 25, 2021 2:01AM
Tanya Yaksich
Would love to see one in the wild
Jan 24, 2021 9:14PM
Carol Moore
I wonder what they eat and the post mentioned them soaring from tree branches. How do they get up the trees?
Jan 24, 2021 6:52PM
I've heard of them but actually never saw pictures. Amazing that something like this exists, in out world. I'm glad they're being protected.
Jan 24, 2021 6:51PM
Veronics Moss
Lovely ,beautiful thank you for sharing .
Jan 24, 2021 6:26PM
Leticia Olsen
🤷🏻‍♀️Birds can have a long life. They don’t have to drive and meet the stressful traffic or walked in flooded road with frozen feet. They only fly freely!! I wish I could fly!!🥺☃️
Jan 24, 2021 6:19PM
Sandy Nocera
Never heard of this bird. Very pretty.
Jan 24, 2021 6:14PM

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