How much do you know about wolves in the wilderness?

Nature Story: How much do you know about wolves in the wilderness?

How do you like these strong charming animals? Here is the info you may have never heard before. Check it out!

What do you think about wolves? Do you think that it's appropriate to have one as a pet?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Lulu Anne Percival
Absolutely love wolves - they should remain free & never be hunted down by vile humans x
Nov 20, 2017 4:49PM
Peter Squires
Not a pet - let them run wild and free
Nov 16, 2017 10:35AM
Erin Eldridge
Beautiful pics. Thanks! I've always loved wolves and Jack London's books. Also Farley Mowat's Cry Wolf. In my own books I pay tribute to wolves in my fantasy trilogy.
Nov 20, 2017 4:32PM
Lynne Cage
Love wolves. Wild animals belong in the wild
Nov 13, 2022 2:45AM
Cookie Kramer
Love wolves. The howling is awesome!
Oct 22, 2022 5:23PM
Wendy Clark
40 species in a pack?
Sep 15, 2022 5:54PM
Dave Walser
Janice Turkovich Stewart, German Shepherd or ( Alsatian) look as near to a wolf as they are used in films to portray wolves. My lovely Sophie a German shepherd would act many traits of a wolfs behaviour
Jun 28, 2022 2:47AM
Janice Turkovich Stewart
I LOVE Wolves but want to know what breed of dog they were compared to.
Feb 22, 2022 5:14PM
I love the pixs of the wolves, they are beautiful & they should be protected like all animals.
Jan 20, 2022 5:17PM
they should be protected when possible
Dec 28, 2021 8:35PM
Paula Salem
As a child I had a German Shepherd that was part wolf. He had the most haunting howl. Loved him.
Oct 31, 2021 4:30PM
Juliana Cloete
No wild animal should ever be kept as a pet.
Sep 21, 2021 5:43PM
I love wolves and I agree that they should not be hunted down by humans at all.
Mar 6, 2020 9:01AM
Linda Spreng
No wolf should ever be made a pet. Their nature is to take out other animals. Humans are other animals. Turn over animal control to the wolf. They at least have a clue. They don't deplete other animals.
Mar 5, 2020 5:16PM
Linda Spreng
What wonderful animals. Their songs are spectacular!!!
Mar 5, 2020 5:11PM
This was some valuable information. Thank You. Love wolves"
Nov 27, 2019 9:10AM
Deena Grady
Wolves are awesome; once they were reintroduced into Yellowstone, the ecosystem became balanced again. I don't believe wild animals should become trusting of people because people will betray and turn against the animals. No I don't think a wolf should be made a pet.
Oct 14, 2019 6:01PM
Wolves are awesome animals and should be left alone.
Sep 2, 2019 8:07PM

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