15 pics that prove Australia is full of chilling and bizarre creatures

Australia is home to a lot of cute animals such as koalas, kangaroos, and wombats. However, the continent also has some unusual looking creatures that do not reside anywhere else in the world. In Australia, there are a lot of creatures that can bite, sting, eat, or crush you. Keep on reading to see these animals!

From the outback to the Great Barrier Reef to your own living room, there is no shortage of bizarre creatures calling Australia home.

What would you do if you saw these creatures? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Denise Bruce
Well I have managed to keep alive for almost 70 years in this land of Oz! It’s the two legged beasts that are the most deadly!
Aug 1, 2020 3:17AM
Edward Morris
No black mambas but we have quite a few snakes with higher toxicity. Example eastern taipan, King brown, and the deadliest in the world the western taipan(but they are extremely shy and live in remote desert area) No.3 is disturbing as the blue ring octopus only flashes those iridescent rings when it is agitated and it bites with its beak That person was in extreme danger. no7 the gecko is an artificial wall fixture. The chances of seeing or running into any dangerous animals , insects or amphibious creatures is extremely unlikely. Come on down and we'll put an extra shrimp (prawn) on the barbie (BBQ)
Aug 3, 2020 3:28AM
Roy Tinis
Two legged beasts (people) are far more dangerous than any of these!
Oct 12, 2020 11:18AM
Laura Takeda
Who on Earth puts a poisonous octopus on their hand?!
Sep 23, 2020 5:20PM
Should have shown some of those lovely spiders.
Nov 7, 2021 4:49PM
VERY creepy, but SO COOL!
Oct 17, 2021 5:21PM
Joy Holbrook
lhreese, none of those except the barking geckos are rare. The rest are common.
Oct 11, 2021 7:41PM
Paula Salem: You might want to think about that some more. Australia is one of the greatest and most fascinating places in the world to visit, well worth the trip. Amazing coastline!
Oct 5, 2021 5:17PM
My cousin in Adelaide (I'm Texas) sent me a picture of a lizard he found in his backyard just about the size of the one in #6. And Denise you are so right!
Oct 5, 2021 5:14PM
Sonnie Bleakley
Brian Rimmer magic
Sep 2, 2021 6:19AM
Marian Kremers, The mosquitoes have been know to pick people up and carry them away !! :)
Aug 25, 2021 5:02PM
Susan Lake-Harris
Edward Morris, like you additional info. The other thing about the blue ring occy is that you don't feel it's bite. It kills by paralysis (people die because they simply can't breathe), so you don't need to do CPR if you're sure it's blue ring - you only need the rescue breaths. Once in hospital and on a respirator, total recovery usually within 24 hours with no lasting issues. BUT - if not given rescue breaths, brain damage can occur from lack of oxygen. We have them in my area, so I never pick them up - cute though they are when they are orangey and not displaying their "I'm getting annoyed" blue rings... #6 was a monitor lizard and not a wall deco. I've seen ones that large climb trees in campsites when we've been camping - though I can't say I've seen one that large in suburbia. Of course, the house might be on a farm/semi-rural...? #7 was the python and toads. Interesting photos.
Jun 2, 2021 7:46AM
Raymond Cardona
Interesting but not for me thanks Bonnie
May 18, 2021 4:54PM
Such fabulous photos of rare creatures. I have not been to Australia but I would love to go and see so many of these unique insects, animals, fish, reptiles!!!!
May 15, 2021 9:46PM
Janice Turkovich Stewart
Emu egg is beautiful, but I'd be too scared to ever go outdoors!
May 15, 2021 4:27PM
Kathryn Cavanagh
Denise Bruce, I've managed 80 + so not complaining, agree with you on the most deadly.
May 6, 2021 7:40PM
Paula Salem
Whoa! Besides the distance to fly there, the creatures definitely make me want to stay home.
May 6, 2021 4:29PM
Sorry, Australia. Don't take this personally, but I'm staying here! :)
Mar 20, 2021 1:38AM
Denise Bruce, ain't that the truth!
Mar 19, 2021 9:47PM

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