16 touching pictures of animal mothers and their babies

What can be more powerful than a mother's love? Animal moms express their feelings to their kids in the most beautiful way – the pictures you will find below will definitely touch your heart and make your day brighter.

Which picture did you like the most?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Gayle Bennett
I couldn't pick just one. They are all so loving
Aug 26, 2021 11:20AM
Chriss Crockford
Absolutely adorable.
Oct 6, 2020 11:50AM
Jo Farrell
They are all great pictures and they bought a smile to my face but I liked the Macaque best.🥰
Sep 21, 2020 4:41PM
Gail Cusack
They are all beautiful photos of mums and bubs, no matter the specie, every baby needs and loves mum and vice versa. Lovely to see. I loved the deer, the elephants, the dogs, foxes. - yeah all of them 😽😽
Aug 3, 2020 3:52AM
Julie Domaille
I love them all but the orangutan is my favourite
May 9, 2020 5:03PM
Patricia Johnson
I liked them all. I love animal photos especially moms and babies.
Apr 24, 2020 12:17PM
Kerry Blagrave
All great like the gentleness of the foxes
Apr 21, 2020 5:50PM
Pamela Angeles
Loved them all! 💖
Apr 18, 2020 9:22PM
Linda Spreng
Giraffe! I love watching the baby's attempts early attempts to stand.
Apr 18, 2020 8:03PM
Michael Cook
These photos were so beautiful, and all told the same story. It doesn't matter what species we are, we all love a cuddle from the cradle to the grave.
Apr 18, 2020 6:13PM
All of 'em! Amazing! Thanks!
Apr 18, 2020 4:34PM
Sherilyn Ryan
The swans are my favourite.......with the babies hjtch-hiking!
Apr 6, 2020 6:29PM
Jamie Arnold
Thanks, Beautiful
Mar 31, 2020 3:17PM
Chuck Gross
Animal Mothers are so awesome
Mar 12, 2020 5:58PM
Shae Deschenes
Just can't chose between so many sweet pictures. They are all great. Thanks for sharing.
Feb 28, 2020 2:19PM

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