7 stunning pictures and mind-blowing facts about jellyfish

These mysterious creatures of the sea have a lot of secrets: as it turns out, they live in every ocean of Earth, can grow as big as whales and they're not even fish. Well, who are they then? Learn the truth with these spectacular jellyfish facts.

Which of these facts about jellyfish surprised you the most? Do you know any other interesting jellyfish facts?

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Nancy Gardner
Science should look into the regeneration thing, maybe it could help in the medical field.
Jul 3, 2020 6:34PM
I know a few people that could be heart or brains either!😏😏😏
Jul 4, 2020 11:58PM
Fascinating and informative thank you.
Jul 9, 2020 2:19AM
Martin Nicholls
Are they edible ( by humans )
Jul 5, 2020 6:32AM
Heather Colclough
I didn't know they could grow as large as whales, nor that they had been to space.
Jul 5, 2020 12:53AM
Janice Horsley
Yes! When I was swimming in the Phillipines, they don’t even have to sting you to make your skin feel uncomfortable!Valerie Campion,
Jul 4, 2020 9:29PM
Pierre Poirier
PNancy Gardner, they probably do study these properties
Jul 4, 2020 7:29PM
Pierre Poirier
I did not know tgat Trump is a jellyfish
Jul 4, 2020 7:28PM
Jellyfish have eyes, though they do not have brains to see with.
Jul 4, 2020 7:20PM
Lourdes Ayala
That they can live in fresh water, that impressed me the most. Also, the fact that those born in space could not exist in gravity.
Jul 4, 2020 7:14PM
Linalinda Eichin
Interesting been in space thank you for this subject 💕🇦🇺
Jul 4, 2020 6:37PM
Soooo, Justin Trudeau was in space!!!🤪
Jul 4, 2020 5:01PM
My husband has a PhD in Marine Biology (Scripps Inst/UCSD), I always love his convos about these beautiful creatures!
Jul 4, 2020 4:47PM
Lorna Desouza
Wow 😳 the pictures look amazing 😉 so many different kinds. Looks just like liquid flowing in water.
Jul 4, 2020 4:17PM
Ernest Arpin
Valerie Campion, I don't know if they all do but I can testify that some do because I got a good stinging from an armada of them .
Jul 4, 2020 1:31AM
Darlene Davidson
I'm glad that the space bred jellyfish couldn't function normally on Earth. Don't need any mutant jellies.
Jul 3, 2020 8:25PM

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